Other Modules

There are several other useful modules that build successfully on OpenVMS.  Here is a brief sample.

DBI is a database independent frontend for database access. Drivers for several database systems are available.
This is the driver that allows DBI to connect to a PostgreSQL database. It implements the PostgreSQL protocol entirely in perl allowing connection to PostgreSQL databases from systems that can’t compile the PostgreSQL libraries.
If you have Oracle client libraries installed on your OpenVMS system you can access your Oracle databases using this module.
This is a DBI driver that connects to MySQL databases.
VMS::FlatFile and Data::FixedFormat
VMS::FlatFile combines Data::FixedFormat and VMS::IndexedFile to move hashes between Perl programs and RMS indexed files.

Installing modules on OpenVMS is about the same as it is on any other platform. Download the module from CPAN, extract the files from the archive, set default into the directory and issue the following commands:

$ perl makefile.pl
$ mmk
$ mmk test
$ mmk install

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